Achieving Dreams while Acing the A1C

This is me. I am a young adult, recent college graduate, Wyoming native, adventurer, dreamer of big dreams and also a Type 1 diabetic. This blog will be the resting place for my story of the struggles I endure to manage my diabetes as I adventure around Africa over the next year. In other words, I hope you can, in some way, relate to my life through these words and through my trials and tribulations, find in yourself the ability to not let your diabetes control WHO you are and WHAT you can do.

It's me!      Picture1

1 thought on “Achieving Dreams while Acing the A1C

  1. Lori Robinson

    So excited for you adventure. Would love to follow you and just found the button to follow on the bottom right. I have been looking at the top of the page. DAH. Look forward to reading about your adventures.


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