A resolution, despite being anti-NYE resolution

Based on my academic and travel schedule, the winter holiday has become a time of rest, relax and reflection – probably similar to many other people.

This year has been a busy but exciting one for me. I finished two projects in Kenya, traveled to several countries, came back to the US and spent some time in my beautiful hometown of Jackson, Wyoming, and then headed off for my first semester of graduate school at Duke University, in North Carolina.

But some areas of my life have stagnated, and this blog has been one of them… I struggle to find the write words to post. Who am I writing to? Who am I writing for? Does it even matter? Am I expressing my ideas well? Yes, angsty, but truthful, thoughts that often cross my mind when I think of this blog. So in line with the end of the year, it is time I challenge myself to simply write. The blank page with pulsing courser will no longer be my enemy, but will hopefully turn into a motivating symbol, pushing me onwards even if my mind feels completely blank. And with that, let 2015 come in!


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