Negotiating Supplies, How to Overcome the Structural Obstacle called Insurance

I am running into insurance issues while trying to obtain the amount of supplies I will need for my 9-month stint—major bummer! Here’s the situation: as I have graduated, my school insurance ends mid-August—a serious bummer, as school insurance was awesome as it covered a lot of the cost of supplies—we’re talking 8$ a script. I now have to switch to a high risk Wyoming pool, as my parents are self-employed and other companies deny me due to a pre-existing condition, i.e. T1. After talking to MiniMed about ordering pump supplies, this is what I have found. I am both lucky and unlucky to be switching insurance companies in about a week; the challenge, insurance companies will only pay for a 3 month supplies…. but by switching, I am able to basically double order supplies. But, this still leaves me with only 6 months of a supply that is covered by insurance. Hmm, so how to overcome this issue?  Working on it, and will let you all know. Additionally, any suggestions welcomed. 

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