Summer Sugar Stresses

As a young adult who just graduated college, I am finding myself in a similar situation that many graduates find themselves: unsure of what I want to do with my life, but needing some cash to go do something for the time being- in my case, traveling to work for 9 months in rural Kenya. As the financial expenditure is my responsibility for this new adventure, this summer I am waitressing at 2 restaurants, and serving as a nanny for a family. Working 3 jobs has its benefits, as I am keeping busy and earning lots of money. But, a negative of working doubles and triples is that it has been hard controlling my blood sugars. Often during a waitressing shift, I am so busy I don’t have time to check my blood sugars. Nannying is easier, as I am able to slip away for a few seconds to do a quick prick of my finger. In the moments I have had a chance (and thought to) test, I have noticed that my blood sugars are running higher than I want them to be. As I am leaving for Kenya in less than 2 months, it is becoming increasingly important to get my sugars under control, and be as stable as possible upon my departure. So here’s my plan for the rest of my summer:

1.) Always take a blood sugar going to bed at night- 8 hours of good blood sugars a day can drastically help an A1C.

2.) Always start my morning with a blood sugar, to know how I’m starting my day.

3.) Although I might not be able to test during a shift, I can always test after the shift, before going to another job.

4.) Be more regimented about changing my pump site, every 4 days (my pump sites usually last between 4-7 days).

Things that have helped control my blood sugars that I will continue to do:

1.) Carry an extra pump site, so that if something goes wrong, I have access to a pump site change even if I don’t have time to go home.

2.) Carry insulin, and don’t leave it in the car to get hot.

3.) Carry a few extra needles, in case of pump malfunction.

4.) Hydrate with water during and between shifts.

5.) Consume balanced meals, with a focus on vegetables and proteins (I find that Greek yogurt in the morning with some fresh fruit to be an awesome way to not be hungry and to keep steady morning blood sugars).


One thought on “Summer Sugar Stresses

  1. StephenS

    Great advice. I find it easier when I have everything scheduled out, so I know I have specific times to do the things I have to do. Great post.


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