Keeping Your (Insulin) Cool

The beauty of having T1 and living in 2013 is the possibility of finding information via the internet- beyond checking the spelling of certain words that my autocorrect does not understand, I have found a ton of good tips and advice on general travel,  backpacking, Type 1, backpacking with Type 1, traveling with Type 1, etc. And I want to share a few gems I have found!


Kenya is HOT. It is on the equator. But insulin needs to stay cool… problem? NOPE! Thanks to a blog called The Active Diabetic, I found out about a company called FRIO, that specializes in designing cases to cool insulin…. And the best part? You don’t need to freeze them ahead of time. Check out the website to learn a bit more, but the gist is that these green-reusable packs (I LOVE when something both works AND is environmentally conscious) are able to keep insulin cool for a minimum of 3 days when activated for 5-15 minutes in cold water. And you can reuse them again, and again, and again. FRIO offers a lot of different sizes, from single to multiple packs for insulin vials or pens, and different colors (perfect for those who like to color code or have multiple diabetics in the fam who tend to disagree about what supplies is whose…). I will most likely order several red cases, in different sizes for Kenya- red being easily seen and based on the western system, the color of medical signs.

FRIO also offers medical packs for a variety of other situations, from Earthquake/Emergency Kits, to First Aid, to Assistive Living Products, to Sport products- definitely check them out if you are in need of any supplies!




And check out the reviews, they are at the bottom of the page listed above, on the right hand side, on a dark navy panel (called Here’s what others say about FRIO).


Also, check out the blog The Active Diabetic for ideas on backpacking and hiking with T1! She’s great!



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